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3 Key Steps to Prevent Future Infestation of Flying Termites and Termite Colonies

Every year, millions of dollars in damage are caused by termites to homes and construction projects worldwide. Termites are insects capable of causing serious damage to houses, furniture, and vegetation. To ensure the safety of your home, follow these 3 key steps to prevent the invasion of flying termites and termite colonies in the future.

Identifying Signs of Flying Termites Indoors

  • Flying termites often enter homes through door cracks, windows, and other openings.
  • They are usually attracted to light, so you may see them hovering around lamps or light fixtures.
  • Flying termites often shed their wings after finding a hiding spot. You may find their discarded wings on the floor, near light fixtures, and windows.

Step 1: Identify the Origin and Type of Termites.

First, you need to identify the origin and type of termites threatening your home to devise an appropriate termite prevention strategy. Termites could be drywood termites, subterranean termites, flying termites, or termite colonies. Some tips to detect termite presence include checking for damp mold spots, dust, or termite nests.

Step 2: Prevent Termite Invasion.

Home pest prevention tips should be implemented immediately after identifying the termite type. Here are some preventive measures:

  • Remove or limit hidden water sources, such as leaking pipes or moist soil contact.
  • Maintain and clean the area around your home. Remove wood debris, leaves, and other organic materials that termites favor.
  • Ensure that all house structures are built with materials that termites cannot feed on, such as iron or concrete.

Step 3: Establish Chemical Barriers.

To prevent the invasion of flying termites and termite colonies, you need to establish chemical barriers. Use safe, effective, and certified termite control products. You can apply the following methods:

  • Use liquid termite control products: These include contact and systemic termite control products. Choose the appropriate product to spray along the foundation, around wall areas, and house columns.
  • Install termite bait systems: Improved termite bait systems help eliminate termites without harming the surrounding environment. Install termite baits in areas with a high risk of termite infestation.

Implementing these comprehensive and accurate measures will help protect your home from the invasion of flying termites and termite colonies in the future. Invest time and effort into protecting your home to ensure the safety of your family’s health and property.

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